Teppanya: “The House of Teppanyaki” in Evia Mall Daang Hari

Are you the type of eater who loves  entertainment while waiting for your good food? Here at Teppanya you can have it both at the same time. It is located at the 2nd level of Evia Mall in Daang Hari, being known as “The House of Teppanyaki” I must say Teppanya did their research well when it comes to offering mouthwatering steaks and other dishes.


It has  a modern set up and well-lighted dining seats. The first floor is allotted for customers who’s comfortable in sharing table with other people. The set up is like this, the chef will cook your order while you’re seated in front of him. There is a stair that will lead you to the second level of Teppanya, which is suited for 10-14 people. You can have your own privacy without any additional cost. All you have to do is choose your desired Japanese dish and they’ll take care of cooking and preparing them to perfection!

1st level
2nd level

Teppanya has prepared some set courses that is fitted for 6 persons. My initial thought was, it was too expensive but once you have tried their offerings you will say that they are cheaper from other Japanese restos. I listed down below the prices for Teppanya’s Set Courses:

Emperor Set P14,888

Six Premium Five Course Starter Set, 300 grams A3 Wagyu Beef, 6 pieces Salt Crust Oyster,450 grams Sea Bass, 6 pieces Imported Scallops with foie gras and 3 pieces King Prawns

Premium Set P9,995

Six Premium Five Course Starter Set, 400 grams Angus Prime Rib-eye, 300 grams Salmon, 6 pieces King Prawns, 12 pieces Imported Scallops and 3 pieces Ebi Tempura

Deluxe Set P4,998

Six Premium Five Course Starter Set, 300g Beef Tenderloin, 300g Salmon Fillet, 12 pieces Large Prawns, 300 grams Chicken and 6 pieces Ebi Tempura

Starter Set P3,895

Six Standard Three Course Starter, 300g Beef Tenderloin (Brazil), 300g Chicken, 300g Cream Dory, 18 pieces White Shrimp, 6 pieces Ebi Tempura, Banana Flambe or Creme Brulee


The chef lighted up the grill which added excitement to our hungry stomachs hehe. This is the signal that he’s now ready to prepare and cook our dishes.  We were served with more than 10 dishes from the appetizer up to our last dish, the dessert were something to look up to at Teppanya.

Usuyaki beef

We started with some appetizers, my personal favorites are the Usuyaki beef, Clam soup and the Emperor’s chahan. The beef was so tasty and juicy, the soup was something you will crave on especially this rainy season while the rice was too good on its own. It reminds me of a Yang Chow.

Clam Soup
Emperor’s Chahan

Our excitement did not stop at the appetizer, the waiter were slowly putting down different kind of steaks rather expensive meat on our table. Imagine how crazy are we while starring at those beautiful marbling.



The chef cooked every pieces to perfection, I only noticed that he added some salt and pepper but boy the steaks were all good. Our plate was “simot-sarap” after! The lamb was also a star that day, I never tried any lamb that was as good as this one. If they didn’t even tell me that it was a lamb I wouldn’t know. The steaks were accompanied by a foie gras, which is satisfying as well.

Kagoshima A4


Angus Rib Eye
Lamb Chops
Foie gras

If you’re not a fan of steaks ( Oh I felt sorry for you!), Teppanya seafood choices will definitely make you happy. Imagine those King prawns sauteed in butter, garlic and pepper. Thankful that I don’t have any allergies because I’ll be surely missing a lot!

King Prawns

The Oyster and Salmon were also a must-try from Teppanya, especially that it were all cooked properly. I don’t any see negative things about these two sea creatures.

Norwegian Salmon Fillet

Teppanya is not just about steaks, they also have different Maki’s and Nigiri’s. One thing I can guarantee every ingredients are clean and fresh.

Hot Night Roll
Tiger Roll
6 Kinds of Nigiri

For dessert , we tried their Banana Flambe. Banana with tempura flakes topped with a vanilla ice cream.

So if you want amazing food and good entertainment you know where to go!

Banana Flambe

Check out their other dishes at Zomato app

Teppanya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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