The Finest Cantonese Flavors Specialties at Lung Hin-Marco Polo Ortigas



June was a busy month for my stomach! Our #PrigiEats (foodtrip with wifey) had taken us to a whole new level of gastronomic experience. We were recently invited by Zomato in their Foodie Meet up at a well-known hotel in Ortigas-the Marco Polo. It was a terrific Cantonese culinary experience as our dishes were prepared by a Hongkong native and cuisine master, Chef Lai Cheuk Kou. He has over 36 years  of experience from different famous restaurants and hotels around China and Hongkong. Can you imagine that?

Let’s have a run through on what we had that day. Cantonese dishes is characterized by gentle spices, fresh ingredients and slow, careful preparation. Being so fresh, the food does not need heavy spices to taste great.

Marinated Cucumber with Wasabi and Vinegar

We were served with different appetizer from Marinated Cucumber with Wasabi and Vinegar and Steamed Diced Pumpkin. The cucumber may  be plain and simple as it may seem but it was delicious. I’ve noticed how they carefully prepared the pumpkin because it was diced in equal sizes. It maybe a little bland because it has no other spices but think about the healthy benefit that you can get from this plate.

Steamed Diced Pumpkin
Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Gold Leaf

A trip to any Cantonese restaurant is incomplete without having at least one serving of a dumpling. It’s the most common dish and my personal favorite especially if it comes with a chili sauce.  We had a fancy perfectly cooked dumpling served on our table with a gold leaf on top. The gold has no special taste at all. I think the gold leaf added a bit of sparkle and excitement to the dumplings.

Pork Buns

Warning…One Pork Bun can never be enough for you. Trust me! ! Tender melt-in-your-mouth pork filling sandwiched in between a soft and flaky bun will leave you speechless. Seriously, it was so good that some in our group ordered these glorious bread for take out.

Wok-Fried Vegetables

When the Wok-Fried vegetables  came out, it looked like a shiny stones in a bed of grass. These are glazed mushroom served  with asparagus. We had the Salt-Baked Chicken after, the meat was moist, tender and thank god without any trace of blood.  It has a good flavor on its own and was bursting with flavor. You wouldn’t even needing any additional sauce for dipping .

Salt-Baked Chicken
Cheese Baked Tiger Prawns
Steamed Garoupa with Cordyceps

Beautifully plated Cheese Baked Tiger Prawns came next with scrambled eggs on the side. Another creature from the sea is the Steamed Garoupa with Cordyceps. Perfect tender and delicate texture, you can feel that it was properly steamed. Added with just little bit of seasoning that made the fish delicious. Followed by Pan-Fried Diced Beef Cubes, my top favorite among the main dishes. Tender and juicy beef packed with garlicky flavor. This is the part where I’m looking for an extra cup of rice!

Pan-Fried Diced Beef Cubes
Double Boiled Duck Soup with Goji

I can’t imagine how long they cooked the soup as it is full of natural flavors from the duck. As I was waiting for the rice, it came after all the dishes were served. Maybe next time you can request to serve it along with the meat. Despite that I’m full I still managed to get at least a cup of this carb as it was so good.

Macao Style Seafood Fried Rice
Dragon Fruit with Bird Nest

To capped  off our lunch at Lung Hin, we were served with a subtle dessert with contrasting textures, the bird’s nest and dragon fruit.



The whole place itself of Lung Hin shows sophistication and elegance.


To know more about their dishes you may visit or click the zomato icon below.


 Lung Hin - Marco Polo Ortigas Manila Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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