British Indian Cuisines at Union Jack Tavern in Makati

Fish and Chips (P425)

Classic British food that I know are Fish and Chips, Pies and some other Indian inspired dishes. This time I get to experience what are the real British cuisines  and how should they taste. We went to Union Jack Tavern few days ago to have some lunch with our fellow Zomato Foodies. The place is accessible as it’s located in the street of Legaspi village. We decided to took an uber that day  and we only paid P46 pesos if you’re coming from Greenbelt. It’s few kilometers away so also have the option to walk.

Chicken Quesadilla (P315)

My initial reaction when they served the food maybe it’s pricey, but when I saw how big the servings are I can say that  prices are pretty decent. I tried Chicken Quesadilla first because I want something light to start my meal. The thickness of the flour tortilla is just right to hold its fillings. A little spicy because of the green chili and served with garlic sour cream and tomato salsa.

Steak and Gravy Pie (P395)

I thought Pie is for snacks because that’s what I’m used to, but here in Union Jack Tavern you can enjoy their Pies anytime of the day. It’s even heavy to fill your hungry stomach for lunch.  Pastries are flaky and loaded with either chunks of beef steak with gravy, Steak and Gravy Pie (P395) or chicken strips with mushroom sauce, Chicken and Mushroom Pie (P395) .

Chicken and Mushroom Pie (P395)
Sausage Roll (P185)

They also have Sausage Roll (P185) which is also good for sharing. Sausage was moist and juicy. It comes with celery stalks that’s also good for your digestive system. I find it weird that they also served it with a bread.

Spicy Chicken Pasta
Spicy Buffalo Wings (P295)

I enjoyed the Spicy Buffalo Wings (P295) and a mug of the draft beer. It compliment each other. Some parts of the wings are unevenly coated with the spicy sauce so it’s somehow tolerable to eat.

Lamb Shank (P595)

Lamb Shank (P595) is served on top of the mashed potato with strips of beans and carrots. The Lamb was tender but for me something is missing in the flavor.

Pratha (P115)

Union Jack Tavern also serves Indian cuisines. we tried the Pratha (P115), Chicken Tikka Masala ( P455) and Chicken Curry. The sauces has the right creaminess but the you can’t noticed the meat because it comes in tidbits sizes.

Chicken Tikka Masala ( P455)
Chicken Curry

Union Jack Tavern is a nice dining spot because it provides a warm and happy environment. Servers are attentive to your needs. They also have small shop inside that sells British products that you may take home after.



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