The Urban Farm Healthy Food Choices

Creamy Beets Borcht (P249)

Sometimes we make excuses to ourselves that we are sad, feelin’ stress or just simply craving for food and we often  let our feet walk straightly to our trusted fast food friends. We didn’t think about the cholesterol or calories that comes with because all we wanted is a delicious meal. The Urban Farm in BF Homes Paranaque came up with meals that are purely fresh, natural and healthy. They will change your mind that not all healthy food are plain and boring. Instead to go for your usual soup, try their Creamy Beets Borcht, loaded with nutrients that can strengthen your immune system. It has strong reddish color, creamy taste and even kids can eat it without any hesitation.

Baked Aubergine (P159)

Once, in a while trying out different food are amazing. It test your taste buds and appetite if up to what kind of food you can intake. Let’s say we want lasagna. we want the flat-shaped pasta loaded with meat or any ingredients that we are already used to. In The Urban Farm, they can guarantee that you will love and enjoy your food without risking your health. Baked Aubergine is one of the delicious deceiving dish that I have tried, instead of using beds of lasagna, they replaced in with eggplants, with fresh hint of tomato sauce and topped it with cheese!


Grilled Salmon with Tomato Salsa (P339)

In Urban Farm, they don’t have any pork in their menu. Don’t worry as they have beef, lamb, chicken and seafood that can satisfy you.  We had the Grilled Salmon, which is fresh and flavorful, the mashed potato on the side has no any extender.

Shiitake Malunggay Burger (P170)

Burger Cravings? Yes, The Urban Farm has burger but instead of using meat, they replaced it with shiitake mushroom and malunggay.  Same texture as the usual burger patty but less guilt after. Paired it with fruity refreshing Iced tea.

Shrimp Pesto Pasta (P199)

I’m not a pesto fan because I don’t like greens that much, but the Shrimp Pesto Pasta has the right amount of pesto in it. It doesn’t have any aftertaste, the pasta is also perfectly cooked.


Aside from its healthy food that are packed with flavors, The Urban Farm has this interior that are pleasing to the eyes. As if you’re in the garden waiting for your home-cooked meals. They have this Chef Special Menu that you can try from time to time.

Dining Table

For more of The Urban Farm Menu, check their Zomato account below.

The Urban Farm Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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