Coffee Project: A beautiful cafe!


Coffee is part of my system, I can’t last a day without having a good cup of coffee. My wifey and I would usually go to a coffee shop in case we need to meet some friends, work on something or even just to kill time when we have to wait for the traffic to lessen or we’re just too early for an appointment. Our usual go-to cafe in the famous coffee shop that I’m sure we all know.


I’ve been hearing about the Coffee Project from my wife, as we almost have two branches near our house. Their stores are strategically located just outside the Vista Mall which you can see  along the road. It was until last week that finally I have stepped my feet inside this famous cafe in our town. The interior was really creative, they managed to change the usual coffee shop to something beautiful and even astounding. The colorful flowers and hanging decorations are well-balanced that it does not showcase to female customers only. Sometimes as a guy we’re kinda hesitant to go inside a coffee shop that were too girly right? Coffee Project can cater to all kind of customers whether from children, teenagers or even adults.


You can get your meal anytime of the day in Coffee Project. I had the Creamy Pesto and Mushroom Pasta, it has the right amount of pesto which I personally like but the pasta tends to become dry. I prefer it more creamier for a comforting taste. I had a non-coffee based drink that time as we just had coffee few hours ago, I decided to try the Dark Chocolate Frappe, sweet and creamy but you can still taste the slight bitterness of the chocolate.



Clubhouse sandwich might look expensive but it’s good enough for sharing. The bread is toasted lightly to add crispiness to the whole sandwich. The dressing is just right to compliment all the fillings.


I usually order cheesecake of chocolate cake for dessert but this Peach Walnut Cake  is a game changer. Something fresh and fruity to end my meal. The slice of cake is quite moist and fluffy. I saw that they have rice meals too, I’m sure I’ll be back to Coffee Project soon!

Coffee Project Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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