Who wants to win a whole year’s worth of coffee from Bo’s Coffee?



Coffee is part of every Filipinos life, no specific time or place is needed if want you to enjoy this aromatic drink that keeps you going all day! Many coffee shops are continuously brewing its own trademark coffee but what set Bo’s Coffee apart from them? This is a kind of coffee shop that serve coffee-to-cup freshness in using only quality coffee beans from our own country.



Imagine every cup you sip from Bo’s coffee you can support our local coffee farmers. Bo’s Coffee, the country’s all-Filipino specialty coffee shop, serves locally sourced coffee beans from Sagada and Benguet in Mountain Province, Mount Kitanglad in Bukdinon, Mount Apo in Davao and Mount Matumtum in Tupi. South Cotabato.



Whether you want your coffee hot, iced or ice blended, Bo’s Coffee’s barista are well trained to give you the best coffee that you deserve. During our Coffee Appreciation Session, I learned that obviously a good coffee is not all about the machinery that they used in preparing it, it’s the artistry and expertise of the barista.



Aside from “Your Homegrown Brew”, You shouldn’t miss Bo’s Coffee meals that will goes perfectly with your cup of coffee. Personal favorites are the dessert section, not too sweet that can overpower the taste of your coffee. It has a mellow taste that enhances the bitterness of your coffee. This the kind of coffee shop that has a feel-at-home and everything from its interiors are proudly Filipino made materials.



Drop by at its newest branch in Aguirre Avnue, BF Homes Paranaqe and get the chance to win a year’s worth of free coffee by getting first in line on May 27, 2017. Second in line, don’t need to cry as he/she can get a 6 months’ worth of coffee while the third in line will get free coffee for 3 months.  The 4th up to the 100th will get a week’s supply of Bo’s coffee. All them will get a varying amounts of free coffee on the said date.


Now, I understand why Bo’s Coffee continues to expand and even eyeing to have its 100th store in the 2nd quarter of 2017. Bo’s Coffee  has branches all over the Philippines, for complete list of menu check their websit at www.boscoffee.com.


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