Buendia Food by the Court: Food + Basketball




Men’s life is incomplete without basketball. But what if the typical basketball court was converted into a Food Park? That’s the brilliant idea behind Buendia Food by the Court. They saw it an advantage in bringing different cuisines inside or instead beside a court. From japanese, chinese, mexican or classic filipino dish they have it all. This is also the first Food Park in Makati. So the next time you want to catch up with your barkada for a chillax night why not consider trying this food park. Buendia Food Court is open daily from 5pm to 12am. So far I tried seven food stalls, that’s not even half of the total stalls count. You can enjoy drinking here as they also have alcoholic drinks then pair it with your favorite pulutan.


Little Kodo


Out of 30 years experience in japanese cuisines, Little Kodo was born. From Ramen cravings to freshly made on the spot Takoyaki purely authentic taste experience. The takoyaki is so “siksik” and tasty with actual octopus bits. Their small space did not stop them in creating dishes which is almost the same in dining in a classy japanese resto.

Keso Kumpadre


Chilling out with friend with Keso Kumpadre’s fries is surely a hit. I’m sure you can’t stop licking your fingers as every fries order comes with cheesy or creamy toppings. The Three Kinds of pizza fries is a mind-blowing snack, pizza and fries in one dish?Why not! They also have refreshing drinks in pouches that can goes well with your fries.

Brothers’ Blend


Having desserts and coffee are always part of our meals. We feel not contented if we didn’t grab any sweets after having a full meal. At Brothers Blend, you’ll have less guilt after finishing a cone of their Ashitaba Froyo. Fresh Juices are 100% natural using the cold-pressed/slow juice technique to bring out the healthy and natural flavors of a fruit or vegetable. Buying thier products can also support our farmers as all ingredients are sourced locally.

RJ’s Bowl-Gogi


Craving for some Korean food? Rj’s Bowl-Gogi will satisfy your hunger, they serve in generous amount especially their Large Fried Steaks that comes in chicken, beef or pork. Don’t forget to add kimchi as your side dish to complete your meal.



Young couple entrepreneur who decided to made creative meals using the typical Filipino’s favorite, the longganisa. Personal favorites are the the Crunchy Pancit Longga, bursting with the flavors of homemade longganisa and the Cheesy Longga Balls, the cheese is melting especially when it’s still hot. Pure heaven goodness! The longganisa is so tasty and not just made out of fats.

Shang Kee Chinese Buns Delicacies


Mr. Charlie Choco, the owner and chef of Shang Kee introduced a modern twist of Cuapoa. Incorporating some modern flavors to the traditional buns, he came out with All-American classic that is well fitted for millenials or anyone who loves burger (cuapao as the bread instead of burger bun). Classic Pork Belly is a must try! The fillings are big enough that it sneaks out of the cuapao.



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