Soru Izakaya at Maginhawa Quezon City



At first glance, Soru Izakaya seems a small japanese restaurant along Maginhawa Quezon City but once you’re inside it’s a long stretch of dining area that can accommodate many people. I was amazed on how they designed the whole place, this is not the typical japanese restos that I have been before. Everything seems modern from the wall decor, lights or the whole interior. The wall designs are combinations of paint and stickers, very catchy and colorful.



They almost have the same menus of other japanese restos from ramen, sushi, maki and donburi. I thought everything was the same but I’m completely wrong. Soru takes Japanese cuisines to a whole different level, something creative and worth coming back to.

Shake Belly Aburi (P220.00)

Soru Izakaya’s has an interesting selction for aburi, sashimi and maki. Yes, they almost have the same choices as other Japanese restuarants, but what stands out for me is their preparation. Every dish has its own character, big salute to those people behind their kitchen as you can see how neatly and interesting they presented each dish.

My top favorite is the Aburi, particulary the Shake Belly. Every bite is bursting with flavors and the salmon melts in your mouth. The Aburi Moriawase dressing is brilliant, it blends well with the salmon, tuna, mackarel, salaysalay and octopus. The Shake Nori is a must-try too, the ikura on top taste fresh.

Aburi Moriawase (P480.00)
Shake Nori Aburi (P180.00)
Kani Shuriken Maki (P220.00)

We had different types of Maki, each order comes in a black square plate ( I don’t know if it’s made of stone, but it’s heavy) plated beautifully. They used colored mayo for the design, which you can also eat along with your maki. My top pick among them is the Kani Shuriken, the kani gives an extra crunch to the whole plate. It’s a mixture of spicy japenese mayo and cheese, can you imagine that? The Hiroshima Maki is spicier as almost all the sauce they used are spicy. If you want your Maki something lighter, go for the Shake Furai Maki as it has no rice, perfect for those people who are weight conscious. The Sashimi Moriawase is composed of salmon, tuna, mackarel, salaysalay and octopus, don’t fret as all the seafoods are freshly prepared upon order.

Oh Umi Maki (P390.00)
Hiroshima Maki (P260.00)
Shake Furai Maki (P260.00)
Sashimi Moriawasa  (P650.00)


Royal Seafood Teppan (P440.00)

Another plate of goodness is the Royal Seafood Teppan, it can satisfy your seafood cravings for salmon, tuna, scallops , shrimps and squid.  It comes with three kinds of sauces on the side for an extra twist.

Wagyu Cubes (P135.00)

My personal favorite among the Kushiyaki is the wagyu cubes, so flavorful and addicting, if I don’t need to share I think I can eat it all. It’s almost same with Wagyu Teppan, the only difference is the wagyu in sticks has more sauce, but both are so good.

Wagyu Cubes (P135.00)
Butabara (P60.00)/Gyuchizu (P120.00)

Any cheese lover should not miss the Gyuchizu and Tori Karaage, both are oozing with melted cheese. The good part is each comes in a bite sized form that can goes well as “pica-pica” in your alcohol session.

Tori Karaage (P180.00)
Nori Tempura (P520.00)

Nori Tempura is not all about batter that’s why the price is acceptable. So crunchy especially if it’s still hot. They have salads too with bits of tuna sashimi and tuna flakes, it may looked ordinary but the dressing were all good, it does not overpower the greens in your bowl.

Spicy Maguro Salad (P290,00)

Soru Izakaya is not only about sumptuous food they have talented mixologists too, their cocktails  and desserts were impressive. I’m not a fan of matcha but I admit their matcha cheesecake is the kind of dessert that you want to have over and over again. The Tiramisu and Rising Sun Takoyaki will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Blue Geisha (P240.00)
Matcha Cheesecake (P220.00)
Tiramisu (P220.00)
Rising Sun Takoyaki  (P180.00)

You may click the Zomato tab below for more of Soru Izakaya’s menu.

Soru Izakaya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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