Feast on Costa Rican dishes at Pura Vida


Feast your eyes and tummy over these authentic Costa Rican dishes at Pura Vida. Situated along Don Pedro Street in Poblacion Makati City, just beside the Z hostel.


At first glance, Pura Vida is like a small house converted into a a business establishment. I didn’t have any clue what to expect inside but as soon as I opened the door it led me to a stair going to the second floor.


Reggae fans will be delighted as Pura Vida  walls pay tribute to such artists. Continuous playing of Reggae music will complete the whole experience.


Colorful wooden planks for tables, chairs and bar adds a chillax ambiance, perfect to distress after a long day from work.. The place is full as early as 7PM, I bet they serve good food and drinks too! Well, I have to try it personally and I’ll do my best to describe each dish according to my taste buds.


Carribean Chicken with Rice and Beans, a taste of different herbs and a little hot sauce mixed together that was absorbed well by the chicken.  A  green salad on the side to balance the meal.


Swing yourselves literally (they have wooden swings in the bar) as you watch the baristas prepares your drink. Some of their best sellers drink are Healthy Rasta which is made up of gin, basil, rosemary, lime, peppermint and fresh watermelon, No-Army for a citrus refreshing drink or if you prefer an adventurous drink you should try the Tico Rasta Mary  made of vodka, tomato juice, black pepper, lime juice, lizano and spicy garapal sauce. Imagine all the spicy ingredients bursting in your mouth. We had Locally infused drinks that time so it has a little fruity taste over the alcoholic drinks.




Pura Vida has an alfresco set up aside from the air-conditioned room. It can actually accommodate a number of people. Perfect for small gathering or event.


Going back to the food, they have appetizers that can be shared by 2 to 3 persons. They have Chicharrones, a big chunk of pork meat turned into chicharon almost same as lechon kawali. Stays crispy even if you consume it a little late. The ball shaped appetizers Enyucados are made out of cassava, with cheese and beef inside. Plain and ordinary but prefer it smaller so I can eat it easily. Patacones are those banana chip shaped dish, they said it’s made up of green plantain with breadings, among the dips I want the guacamole as it adds an extra texture. The one in a bowl is the Chifrijo, a common bar food in Costa Rica, it has rice, beans, meat, avocado, tomato salad,with fried pork meat and skin. It’s like the combination of the chicharones and dips of patacones with rice.


Pura Vida’s owner is very hands own with his business, you might even catch him interacting with his customers. Feel free to ask him anything about Costa Rican dishes and he’ll be surely  glad to assist you. Again these are all my personal opinions, better check them out!

For a complete list of their dishes check out their zomato account below.


Pura Vida Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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