Sigsaga Buffet for only P299.00


Sigsaga Buffet was a sure hit for South people, that’s why they decided to opened another branch in Las Piñas. I decided to try it myself oh I mean with wifey to check what’s the craze all about. A big signage of P299.00 will greet you infront of their restaurant, same price for lunch and dinner which not usual for buffet restos. Unlimited Beef and Pork Yakiniku with bottomless drinks plus Korean dishes will attract anyone who will see this ad.


Upon entering, you need to register in their small reception area on how many seats you will avail. Better get your reservation ahead of time to avoid any hassle.


You can either choose your seat on the first floor or in their mezzanine area. Both can cater food to all customers.


Each table comes with a portable stove and grill. Staffs are very attentive so don’t hesitate to asked for help. More than 10 kinds of dishes were available in the buffet area. Feel free to grab any plate as much as you can if you don’t feel standing up just to get back to the buffet table. Remember, there are no limits! Avoid “takaw tingin” as they  will charge it for leftover food. Some Korean dishes from the buffet which are my personal favorites are  the Kim-Chi, Bulgogi, Bul-Dak (Spicy Chicken) which are best paired with their Fried Rice.


P299.00 is not limited to buffet only, You can also order unlimited Pork and Beef Yakiniku. The best part of it, is waiting for your own meat to cook. You have the option to control it, whether you want it crispy or just cooked it right. Head on to the condiments area for your sauces.


Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet is perfect for any occasion or events in your family. Imagine you can enjoy all of these for just P299.00 and it already comes with bottomless red iced tea. I’ve heard you can rent the mezzanine area and you may also bring additional food without any corkage fee. Avoid the hassle of preparing your meals at home. Go and celebrate it at Sigsaga!




Ultimate Shrimp Tempura is available for ala carte order for P129.00 (6pcs.) plus a bottomless drink.


If you’d prefer warm liquid nourishment, They have Shabu Shabu for P299.00 which can be shared for 2-4 pax. Don’t worry as everything in Sigsaga tastes good and the experience will worth all your money.


If you will asked me? I will definitely go back to Sigsaga soon!


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