CO NUT INK: A Scoop of Happiness in the Philippines


The ice cream craze from Singapore is now here in the Philippines!

This is not your ordinary ice cream, Co+Nut+ink ice cream is served in a coconut shell.he newest ice cream craze has created a newly created ecosystem for the coconut industry – from the health benefits, recycling program, fair trade program for farmers as well as the investment opportunity in agriculture given the growing world population.

With numerous outlets scattered around Singapore, this coco goodness first overseas land here in the Philippines with one mission – to help billions of people find their happiness. And as the popular saying goes “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that is pretty much the same thing.”  That’s why Co+Nut+ink brings out the goodness in the “tree of life,” popularly known as coconut, in every ice cream scoop.


This is the new trend for ice cream and the good thing about it, guaranteed all natural. Its main ingredient, coconut, has five (5) essential electrolytes, aids in ultimate hydration and has more potassium than bananas.


An additional  pure coconut water for FREE in every order. Coconut water is known as the great new isotonic drink for sports enthusiast. While the combination of coconut water and oil can be a miraculous healer.


To taste a scoop of happiness, visit Co+Nut+ink’s kiosk at North Arcade, Mall of Asia (near SM Hypermart, along the walkway going to seaside).


Watch out for the very first patented robotic self-serve coconut ice cream machine this January 2017.

Co+Nut+ink Philippines

Contact No.: 0915 294 0832



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