Boodle Fight sa Bilao at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant

Discovered something new this past week with my wifey. She love shrimp so much even if she’s allergic to it. The good thing about this restaurant, they give worth to your money. You don’t need to spend a lot just to enjoy a delicious meals or satisfy your seafood cravings.

The menu

They have wide variety of food to choose from their menu, but what caught our attention was the 3 Boodle Fight sa Bilao choices namely Davao, Palawan and Boracay. Each bilao consists of their Hot n Juicy Shrimps (best seller), a meat, pansit or squid. If you would try to sum up all the contents per ala carte serving you will find it cheaper to get the bilao instead.

Boodle Fight sa Bilao #1 Davao


Sinigang sa Pakwan

Hot n Juicy shrinps, one of their best seller meal. You have the option to pick your own flavors/variants from hot spicy, mild, medium, spicy or sweet. Each order comes in a clear plastic bags, you can actually see your shrimps swimming over the sauce. Don’t worry about getting your hands dirty while consuming the shrimps. You can request for a plastic glove or if you’re like us we prefer it eating with our bare hands.



Desserts anyone? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to share your slice of Temptation By Tablea. It was so good that you want to eat the slice all by yourself. So better be sure to order another set for your companion. If you want a combination of hot/cold sweet treats go for Choco Lava ala mode. Your palate will thank you after!

Temptation by Tablea
Choco Lava ala mode

I’m sure by now, you’re curious about this restaurant somewhere in Mandaluyong. Wait until you personally see their place. It felt like you’re being transported to another place because of their interiors. If you want the Cherry Blossoms or colorful lanterns as a background for your picture just stand beside their walls. Perfect for a romantic date right?






Who can’t resists to have his selfie on this huge teddy bear? Even me I can’t say no to this huggable creature. Most collections that you can see inside this resto is a family collection that had been passed to generations.



Go and experience  St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant!


St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant

#1 Fatima St. Cor. San Rafael St., Bgy. Plainview , Mandaluyong City!

Tuesday-Sunday 11AM-11PM

(02) 535 7637 I (02) 788 6426


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