Let’s be Merry at Plana’s Pantry



You don’t need to wait for Christmas to savor delicious home cooked meals. Here at Plana’s Pantry you can enjoy it everyday. It’s my first time to visit this small family-owned restaurant along Mandaluyong City. To sum up my visit in two words “I’m impressed!”.



If you want to treat your mom or your wife on a day off with their cooking duties, bring them at Plana’s Pantry!  I’m sure they will fall in love with the place as well with their food. The good thing about it,  prices are reasonable. It’s definetly worth your money.


Make good memories with your family or even friends over delicious food at ths hole-in-the-wall resto. There’s something about this place that feels like home. Perfect for every reunion, bonding or even date.


Aside from presentable servings, the taste won’t fail your taste buds. The staffs are all acomodating and attentive to your needs which added up to a pleasurable experience.

One serving of Pasta is good for sharing, but it was sooo good that you want to keep the whole plate  for yourself. The Carbonara was so creamy without the “umay” taste after.



By the way, don’t forget to add the Hickory Bbq Ribs in your order. Two thumbs up for me. The top reason why I want to visit Plana’s Pantry over and over again. They recently launched their Together Set Meal which is so  “sulit”. I posted some pics that I grabbed from their Facebook Page.



For more updates about Plana’s Pantry visit their social media accounts above.





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