East Coasts meets West Coast in new collaboration store from Yellow Cab and Jamba Juice

Last November 18, wifey and I attended another store opening/blessing of Yellow Cab Pizza store, this time in collaboration with Jamba Juice.


Max’s Group, Inc. (MGI) consistently offers unique dining experiences to Filipino with their loved brands. The innovative group has hatched another new concept, showcasing two of their top brands to complement each other, and drive customers’ experiences to higher satisfaction levels.

Shangri-La Plaza is now home to Yellow Cab and Jamba Juice’s collaboration store. The two brands are sharing a space to create a seamless system that allows customers to easily enjoy the tasty offerings of both brands.



We’re excited to be pushing forward the collaboration of Yellow Cab and Jamba Juice.” shares Yellow Cab and Jamba Juice COO Roy Quejada. “This is our first collaboration store where customers get to experience the full menu lineup from both brands. We’re happy to Blend in the Good Stuff as we bring this unique dining experience to Shang and hopefully to other parts of the country too.”



“With this collaboration store, diners can get the best of both worlds.” explains MGI President and Yellow Cab Coach Robert Trota. Yellow Cab, representing the East Coast, is rooted in its New York identity-from the style of pizza to aesthetic of the stores. Jamba Juice, which was conceptualized and first opened in California, very much embodies the healthy, fun, laidback attitude of the West Coast. “There’s this option to dig into a satisfying meal from Yellow Cab or sip on a healthy smoothie from Jamba Juice. Or you can balance it out by having both.”


“Get your favorite New York-style-pizza and enjoy it with your favorite smoothie from sunny California. Who says you have to go to two different stores for that? Now with our first collaboration store, you get to enjoy both one in one space and satisfy your cravings in one go,” shares by Sharon Fuentebella, MGI Board Member and Jamba Juice Coach.




By the way, did you want to  make your own Jamba Juice smoothie? Just approach any of their staff about it.

The new Yellow Cab and Jamba Juice collab store is located at the ground floor (main wing) of EDSA Shangri-La Mall.


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