Sweet Solutions Cakes and Cafe


Hooray! Sweet Solutions Cakes and Cafe is now open at Robinsons Place Gen. Trias. Yes! You heard it right more Cavitenos can now indulge in their super moist chocolate. We tried some of their menus before from their first branch located at District Imus.


This time their space is a little bit smaller with the advantage of anyone’s walking can easily peep on their shelves to check what’s the available cakes.


Cakes and breads are best paired with coffees. Just approach any of Sweet Solutions Cafe’s barista to get your caffeine fix. Aside from that shakes and other cold drinks are also  available


If you’re looking for  something that can compliment your breads and pastries, don’t worry they have salads, appetizers and pasta too.



Ready made cakes are available at Sweet Solutions Cakes and Cafe. But if you need cakes that would suit your party themes don’t hesitate to contact them because they can customized your cake.


Why you need to try them?

For me their chocolate cake is so soft, moist and not too sweet. I bet  that you can’t stop with a single slice.


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Sweet Solutions Cakes and Cafe

Ground Floor, Robinsons Place Gen Trias Cavite


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