Buy 1 Take 1 Minute Burger Crispy Chicken Burger with Wasabi


For our late night cravings, Minute Burger is always to the rescue. They offer delicious burgers at a very affordable price. Imagine you can get two burger at a price of one. We usually get the Bacon Cheese Burger! Yummy! Minute Burger saw its customer profile mature, many of these were new customers looking for new flavors entirely different from what are being sold on run-of-the-mill burger shops today.

Introduced in the latter part of 2015, the third addition to BIG TIME – Minute Burger’s sub-brand of premium sandwiches – became available nationwide. Beef Pizza Burger – two premium sandwiches slathered with spiced hams and special pizza sauce – quickly became an easy bestseller.

minute burger

Have you tried their new Crispy Chicken Burger with Wasabi?

Inspired by its Japanese roots, the new sandwich is assembled using a thicker, crunchier chicken patty crowned in shredded cabbages and sweet wasabi, all trapped in their signature oatmeal-sprinkled bun.

Today’s food trends gravitate toward dishes combining flavors with international renown, and wasabi is undeniably one of the world’s most popular spices. Customers will surely find what they’re looking for in Crispy Chicken Burger with Wasabi: a satisfying light sandwich that packs a refreshing, cool spicy punch that won’t knock your tongue out unconscious.

The most wonderful news is this . . . It’s Buy One Take One for P58 only!


Wifey loves wasabi I’m sure we’ll be trying this soon!:)


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