Secrets of the South: Restaurants worth a visit

As a married couple, sometimes you have to bond together even if there’s no reason for you to celebrate. I guess being together despite all the trials was something worthy to cherish over food. Enough of those excuses! We just both love to try out food spots in our hometown- The South.

It was a typical friday and I’m glad we’re not on diet. We were able to try out 4 different dining hub in one day. Yup, that’s right! Thankful that these places are accessible by public transportation. Say hello to jeepney and tricycle joy ride!

Sharing with you guys our Secrets of the South one day foodventure.

Mati’s Meat and Bread
Unit B2, River Park, Festival Supermall, Alabang

Started our lunch  at Mati’s,  high ceilings,  spacious interiors with an awesome greenery view makes you feel comfortable while waiting for your orders.



For appetizer we got the Truffled Bone Marrow (Php 385.00), not the usual dish for a starter. Each time I scoop its creamy sauce using the toasted bread the taste just keeps getting better. I noticed that we can’t stop slurping the bone marrow, I’m sure you will never regret it.  Next in line was the Salpicao Pizza (Php 395.00), honestly I thought it was the usual pizza with less toppings but I was completely wrong. Its thin crust covered with cheese  compliments well with the flavorful chunks of beef and bits of garlic.



We had Sofia’s BBQ Pork Ribs(Php 425.00) for main course paired with Angus Steak Rice (Php 90.00). The ribs was cooked to perfection with a tangy barbecue sauce. Wifey loves balut, she can’t resist leaving Mati’s without trying their famous Balut Aligue (Php 195.00), the yellow part of the balut soaked in creamy chunky aligue. A two sinful food that goes well with each other.




We ended our lunch with an Ube Ice Cream Milkshake (Php 180.00), a satisfying drink/dessert. Now, we know why many people are talking about their impressive dishes.

We left Mati’s at past 4:00 PM and headed straight to SM BF Parañaque for a sweet dessert.

Coolato Artisan Gelato
4th Floor, SM BF Parañaque


Chalkboard interiors loaded with quotes all about ice cream is our next stop. Everyone will be delighted watching raw ingredients turned into gelato right infront of their eyes. Coolato Artisan Gelato will change your ordinary cravings for ice cream. A little bit pricey for Php 120.00/cup for basic flavors while Php 150.00/cup for new and premium flavors but I can guarantee that it’s “siksik”. It’s even good for sharing. Just add Php 20.00 if you want to have toppings such as fresh fruits, cashews, oreos , caramel popcorn and etc.




I’m a coffee lover, so I tried their Caramel Machiatto Php (150.00/cup)  and added caramel popcorn (Php 20.00) as a toppings. So much creamy richness in every spoonful ‑ velvety smooth coffee with a swirl of caramel. Wifey got herself an Almond Joy (Php 150.00) flavor. By the way, they are not only about gelato they recently added Hotdog Sandwich (Php 120.00) and Nachos (Php 120.00), in case  you want to grab quick snack while enjoying your ice cream. Take note, they serve generous toppings of beef which is a plus factor.


We wanted to try another flavor but we decided to reserve it for our next visit as we will be having our dinner afterwards.

One tricycle ride from SM BF  we reached the hidden thai resto along Pesidents Avenue.

SIAM Noodle House
Presidents Avenue corner Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Parañaque


We had tried SIAM Noodle House  last month, they serve affordable  authentic Thai cuisines which gave us enough reason to be back. This time we tried dishes which we haven’t tried before. Its  ambiance never failed to gave us a romantic feels during our dinner.



We had Pad Thai (Php 220.00), noodles were moist and soft served wrapped in fried egg. It also comes with shrimps. We like it a little bit spicy. Gai Pad Gaprow/Chicken-wrapped in Pandan Leaves (Php 250.00), pandan added aroma and flavor to the chicken. Because we were amazed on how they magic  the tilapia fish into an awesome dish we ordered  Pla Rad Prik/Crispy Whole Fish (Php 290.00) again. SIAM also serves unique noodle soups that I bet you would also love.



After a delicious Thai dishes, we ended our night in a magical coffee shop in Las Piñas City.

Mystic Brew Cafe
511 Capitoline Hills St., BF Resort Village, Las Piñas City


Situated along the residential village of BF Resort is the Mystic Brew Cafe. If you love caffeine, desserts plus arts I’m sure this should be included on your must visit coffee shop.  Before stepping inside you will notice a big face mural on the wall which we found so beautiful. It was made by the owner/artist himself.



They serve wide varieties of meals from rice toppings, salads, sandwiches, desserts, coffee and even other drinks. It was a friday night so we’re lucky enough they have an acoustic band, perfect way to chillax after a long day. I had Choco Chimp Freeze (Php 150.00), a chocolate drink blended with fresh banana which was soo good while wifey tried their Meow Chai (Php 100.00) which she also loved. We had couple of sweets to accompany us for the whole night such as Brazo de mercedes (Php 50.00) and  some desserts in a jar.



It was indeed a foodtastic day with my wife. I hope we gave you enough reasons to visit South once in a while. For sure your family and friends will be delighted too!







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