My top picks at 7 Flavors Buffet

If you have a wife who loves food take her to buffet. I know she will forget all your fights and will say thank you after. Kidding aside wifey and I, been craving for buffet for months now. Yes, there are buffets nearby our place but we want to try something new that’s why we traveled all the way to San Juan Manila to personally try the 7 Flavors Buffet of Chef Boy Logro. I will share some of our personal experiences during our date night.


The Ambiance

DSC_3531A two-storey building with spacious parking. Upon entering, a receptionist will welcome and guide you. We don’t have any reservation that night and we tried their dinner buffet.


First floor  was designated for ala carte orders, the serve wide varieties of meals from breakfast to dinner which includes pastas, sandwiches, main courses such as Lamb or Salmon, fruit juices, coffee and even alcoholic drinks. I found this place pleasant and they have limited seats which we prefer for a more intimate dinner.


But as I said, we’re trying out the Dinner Buffet, so we headed to the second floor. There are small rooms with glass partitions that I think can accommodate at least ten pax which is good for small events or gatherings.

The Food

Now, let’s talk about food! Buffet table were divided into different  cuisines from the appetizer, to main dishes and desserts. Choices are somehow limited unlike the other well-known buffet restos and some of their dishes are not that appealing but mind you they all taste good. I only listed down my top picks that I think you should try.


Beef Kare Kare is well complimented with a thick savory peanut sauce, the beef tripe (tuwalya) was cooked well it didn’t give me a hard time chewing it. Bagoong was not too salty so it perfectly goes with kare kare.


This dish catches my attention. I thought it was a lasagna I only noticed it was made of eggplant and other veggies when my wife told me so. Napoleon Vegetable, one of my favorite so far, especially the melted cheese on top was addicting.  It’s heavy on the tummy.


The roast beef display was a little bit small, I asked for a few slices. the meat was tender and the gravy was creamy. I admit is was delicious but somehow I prefer it hot.


They have separate tables for desserts which includes cakes, halo halo, cupcakes and anything sweet. I’m a sucker for sweets so I tried everything. The Macarons hit me, sweetness  of meringue are just right to end my meal. Actually I can’t recall how much I ate.


This Red Velvet Cake may not look special but I love how moist the cake is, you can tell that it’s freshly baked. It also caught my sweet tooth, my personal favorite among all the desserts.

The Price


A little bit pricey, but for me it’s worth to try!

For a more detailed info about their menu that night you may want to visit wifey’s blog at

7Flavors Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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