Getting Thai at SIAM Noodle House

Planning a perfect cozy date  was always a major problem for guys right? We don’t know where we can take our girl to something new, special and at the same time would fit our budget. Especially for married couples your main priorities would always your monthly bills but sometimes you  want to  spark up  and revitalize your marriage by dating your wife.  Remember those moments when you had your first date?

My wife was not hard to please, very practical and somehow “kuripot”. Give her good food and she would appreciate it. She’s a certified foodie and would always love to try new cuisines. Now don’t ask me why I’m fat!haha!

We went out for a date last monday night which is a perfect way to start our busy week. Two jeepney rides away from home leads us to BF Paranaque which only took us less than an hour travel time. Situated along Presidents Avenue is the SIAM Noodle House, the place was somehow perfect for a date night. Thai ambiance with dim lighting that creates a romantic but homey feels.


Next to consider is would their menu worth your budget plan. Let me show you where you Php 1,000.00 can take you at SIAM Noodle House.


Munching on Crispy Thai Spring Rolls will definitely stimulate your desire to eat.


Best drink to order is their Thai Milk Tea (brewed tea topped with milk), I’m sure you will notice the joy it will bring while you got yourself busy stirring it. Somehow refreshing especially if it’s too cold.


SIAM’s Shrimp Paste Surprise Noodle Soup was surprisingly delectable.It’s enticing aroma makes you slurp the noodles while it’s still hot.


If you’re a  “bagoong lover” dont skip their Bagoong Rice, with egg and sliced green mangoes on the side that washes away the saltiness of the dish. I bet you would consider ordering this again.


Crispy Whole Fish will change your taste buds about tilapia, I admit I’m not a fish lover but the way they cooked this fish was really awesome. Imagine as if your eating a crispy chicken popcorn just substitute the chicken to a fish.  We both love it!


Lastly, end your meal with a sweet note of Banana Fritters with Langka.

Crispy Thai Spring Rolls (Php 165.00)

Thai Milk Tea/2 glasses (Php 120.00)

Shrimp Paste Surprise Noodle Soup (Php 160.00)

Bagoong Rice (Php 190.00)

Crispy Whole Fish (Php 290.00)

Banana Fritters with Langka (Php 75.00)

Total Expenses: Php 1,000.00

Imagine you got to enjoy over 5 Authentic Thai dishes plus drinks for Php 1,000.00. Not bad right? So if you want yo create fancy date with your partner or family without getting broke bring them to SIAM Noodle House!

Food is memories. I know wifey enjoyed our date night as much as I did.

SIAM Noodle House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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