Jolly FLAVORventures: Are you Team SuperCheese or Team SourCream?


It was another adventure with wifey when we joined the Jolly Flavorventures hosted by Jollibee. We really enjoyed the series of activities they prepared for us plus the fact that they brought us all the way to Sta. Rosa Laguna’s teambuilding hub to make the event more exciting.


Teams were divided into two groups, Team SuperCheese  comprised of Loyola Meralco Sparks FC players Phil Younghusband, Curt Dizon, and Simon Greatwich and YouTube personality Wil Dasovich.


Wifey and I both love sour cream so we decided will go with the green side, Team SourCream, some of our fellow members are Loyola Meralco Sparks FC James Youghusband  and Ricardo Padilla, YouTube personality Janina Vela  and some fellow bloggers.



It was a battle of the fittest, every challenges involves physical activities and mental awareness. I was assigned on the first part of the challenge where I had to cross the logs while carrying all the fries. It looks pretty easy but  due to time pressure we lost.



Next part was more exciting where every team member have to balance themselves along logs and poles tied on a rope. Wifey did this part and it looks really funny that she was able to finish it. She’s lazy to do physical activities haha!



Lastly, was the zipline. Flying in the air was breathtaking we can actually hear the bloggers screaming while doing this task.


Everyone did their best, but of course in every game there will be only one winner. Horray to #TeamSourCream! Congrats to us!



Ending our day with a sweet treat! Thank you Jollibee for inviting us!


  • Jolly Crispy Fries get a tasty update: introducing the new Super Cheese and Sour Cream flavors!
  • Super Cheese is a combination of multiple cheese varieties for an enhanced dimension of flavor
  • Sour Cream is perfect for those who crave zing with every bite of golden, crispy potato fries
  • Jolly Crispy Flavored Fries are available in Jollibee stores nationwide for Php 40.00 for regular size, Php 65.00 for large, and for those who can’t get enough, jumbo size for Php 80.00



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