Gringo Honasan : A soldier, rebel and senator

March 02, 2016  : Fast talk with Sen. Gringo Honasan

Gringo Honasan a political figure. He joined the Philippine Army, wounded at battles in Lebak and Jolo. In 1974, He became the Chief Security of National Defense. Honasan played a key role in EDSA Revolution (1986) during the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. He led series of coup attempt and eventually made it into politics as a Senator. He  was the principal sponsor of the Clean Air Act of 1999 and An Act Strengthening the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program.12516410_10153643787565805_1063335428_n

During our sit down interview with Sen. Gringo Honasan.  I noticed that he was down to earth and patiently answered all the questions that had been thrown to him. He was witty and funny at the same time, he even managed to insert some jokes despite the hot topics that was being asked. Our interview took more than an hour and below are some of his answers that had caught my attention.

“I think God wants to punish me some more and put me into this interesting situation”

“When the Filipino people join us, get together with their soldiers, under moral leadership meaningful change is possible”

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“Our most precious strategic and renewable resources are our children, Our job is to make the next generation smarter, healthier, stronger, happier and safer”


“If you want another people power EDSA Revolution, do it on social media, but do it with great responsibility”


“I’ll put my 42 years of public service on the line and tell the people  what makes me different. The strength, courage of my convictions, and the audacity of making things happen. I will help solve crimes or die trying.”


“When you have a strong nation, your family will benefit.”


“We did not fight battles that we’re sure to win. We fought battles that needed fighting, uncertain of victory. That’s what it’s all about”


“This country with all its problems is so blessed. The interesting part, all we need to do is to wake up every morning and continue breathing”


“This is not going to be a quick fix. We are not doing this overnight. One of this day you’ll find yourself being drawn into public service and you’ll have to learn from the good and bad lessons that we’ve experienced”



“I look at Marcos as a god with a small g. Too bad we had to attack his palace because he lost his morality and ascendancy to govern our people. It was my duty as a soldier, a soldier of Filipino people not of any administration”

By the way, feel free to ask him any questions thru his social media accounts:


Gringo Honasan Twitter Account

Gregorio Honasan Facebook Page


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