#TasteTheChill with Sosro Fruit Tea

Originally from Indonesia, Sosro Fruit Tea is now here in the Philippines brought by Reddimart Multi-resources, Inc. It is known for its authentic tea goodness while bursting with the freshness of real fruit flavors.
The event was hosted by Joyce Pring, a night full of sosro fruit tea, good music and relaxing ambiance at the Palace Pool Club. The night was even filled with snow that captured everyone’s attention.
Sosro Fruit Tea are available in different flavors such  as  Freeze, Apple, Strawberry and Guava. Perfect for anybody at any time. 
Another highlight of the night is the announcement of newest celebrity ambassador of Sosro Fruit Tea. Everyone is eager to know the face behind the billboard all over the place.
Just like Freeze, Sofia Andres is the perfect chillmate with her cool and fun-loving attitude that makes her the perfect choice as the newest ambassador of Sosro Fruit Tea.
Capping the night with relaxing music from Up Dharma Down
#TasteTheChill night with my wifey.
As the summer weather approaches, arm yourself with a Sosro Fruit Tea to #TasteTheChill, now available in the leading supermarkets. 



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