iRover Safety Measures




iRover indoor
CD-R King your one stop shop gives you an insightful iRover safety usage. It usually mistaken as a toy, It is apparent to many that your futuristic iRover/hoverboard is fun to play with, but it is far from being a toy.



iRover black
As per DTI’s consumer’s safety requirement, gadget is intended for age 14 and above.
Protective gear such as helmet , knee and elbow pads should be worn at all times

iRover elbow and knee pad


Battery Recharging is 6 hours and should be done with extreme caution. Presence of an adult should be sternly considered while youthful exuberance are being displayed by the youngsters

iRover guideline
Safety precaution for first-time users includes that the user should be in front of a sturdy handle to achieve balance in riding the iRover.


iRover manufacturer 2
Battery recharging is 6 hours, should be done with extreme caution and under adult supervision. It is also advisable that iRover should be ideally be for indoor use only.

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